Search Tip: Find Any File From Your PC within Seconds

Tired of searching for a particular file or folder out of thousands and thousand Gigabytes of data from your PC? Have you ever wasted your valuable time for searching a particular file? Have you ever forgot where you have saved a particular file on your PC? Have you ever tired of searching for particular data on your computer and came across a thought like I would have a tool to find any file from your PC within seconds? If your answer is YES,  then your search ends here. Then this amazing article is for you.

Yes! Sometimes, it may difficult for us to search for a particular file or folder from our PC. Here, some smart people will say, we have Windows search facility for that right? Yes, we have inbuilt Windows search utility in all the windows PCs, but it doesn’t work accurately. You won’t get all the accurate results all the time. In such cases, this PC software helps you a lot to find the required file or folder within fraction of seconds and also saves your most valuable time. Now, if I am not wrong, you would have got a doubt in your mind that whether it’s a free software or paid software? Don’t worry. It’s a completely  free software. You no need to pay anything for this. And trust me, you will love it after using this search utility software for couple of days. Why I am saying this is,  personally I have been using this software since last couple of months to search any file from my Laptop and I am loving it. So that’s why I am recommending this for you. From now on, find any file from your PC with a lightning speed.

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How to find any file from your PC within seconds?

You can easily search any file from your computer within no time using this freeware and the name of that freeware is Search Everything. Yes!! The name says it all. That is the name of the software about which I have been saying. Okay!! Let’s get into the Downloading and installing procedure.

Steps to Download Search Everything

  • Click here to go to the download page and click on ‘Download’ button.
  • Now go to the downloaded location and install it. I hope you know how to install a regular software.
  • After successful installation, you can see a desktop shortcut of ‘Search Everything’ and that’s it. You are done with the installation process.
  • Now double click on the Search Everything shortcut from the desktop. You can see a window like this.
Find any file from your PC

Find any file from your PC

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  • Now, search for your file or folder from the search box on the top of the window. That’s it. You will get your desired file or folder within no time. Let me show you that with a screenshot.
Find any file from your PC

Find any file from your PC within seconds

You can also find the location or path of the file/folder by right clicking on it. Isn’t it pretty cool? Of course it is. So, this is how you can Find any file from your PC within no time with a freeware. If you have any doubts throughout the process, feel free to ask me through comments. I hope you like this article, don’t you?

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