How to Add NoFollow Tag to External Links in WordPress

This post is gonna be my first post on SEO after a long research on what is DoFollow and NoFollow, What is the importance of dofollow and nofollow, and how to add nofollow tag in a wordpress blog.

Why do We Need to Add NoFollow Tag to External Links?

First, let me brief you few words about what is dofollow and what is nofollow. While writing an article sometimes we need to insert some links either to our own blog (internal links) or to someone’s blog/website (external links) for giving the reader additional information. But by default, the links which you give will be dofollow, that means your blog’s link juice will flow to that particular blog which is in the link. So your page rank will flow to them and that will effect your search rankings. If you don’t want to transfer your link juice to someone’s blog, you need to make that link nofollow.

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Unfortunately, wordpress only allows you to open link in a new window/tab check box but not nofollow check box while inserting the link. If you want to make it nofollow, you need to go to edit HTML mode and add rel=”nofollow” in front of the link. This is how the normal link looks like i.e dofollow link.

<a href="">sstechstuff</a>

And this is how nofollow link looks like.

<a href=""rel="nofollow">sstechstuff<a/>

That means, you need to add rel=”nofollow” attribute manually. But it’s difficult for you to find the link and make it nofollow in HTML mode every time.

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How to Add NoFollow Tag to External Links?

First, install Title and NoFollow plugin and activate it.  That’s it. You no need to configure any settings. It works out of the box. It’s a free plugin. After activating this plugin, you will get a nofollow check box along with open link in new window/tab check box whenever you  need to insert link.It’s that simple.

How to add nofollow tag1


Now, you can add rel=”nofollow” check box to any link with this plugin. This is how to add nofollow tag to external link in wordpress. I hope you enjoyed this article. So how many of you people using this plugin to add nofollow tag to external links? Let me know through comments. Enjoy blogging!!

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