How to Turn Your PC into a Free WiFi Hotspot

Hello everyone!! Today I am gonna tell you how to turn your PC into a free WiFi hotspot. Most of the people know about this very well known free WiFi hotspot software which I am gonna tell you about but, even though so many people are asking me ‘How can I make my PC into a WiFi hotspot?’. So here is the solution for all such people who really don’t know and this is the freeware. And one more thing, there are so many software available to make your Personal Computer into a WiFi hotspot but, this is the one which I have been using on my Windows Laptop since last couple of years (actually from 2014 I guess) without any issue and finally, I wanted to let you all the people know about this freeware.  Let’s get started.

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Turn your PC into a free WiFi hotspot

My WiFi Router is the software which I have been using since last couple of years to make my PC into WiFi hotspot. This is very easy to use software and I have never faced any issues with this software till date. Maximum number of devices I have connected at a time with this software were 5. With this software, you can easily make your Windows PC into a WiFi hotspot and you can share your internet connection with Smart mobile phones, iPads, PDAs and many more.

Can I fully manage all the devices which connected to the hotspot?

You may get a doubt like ‘What if someone hacked my WiFi password and connected to my hotspot? Can I able to see who connected to my hotspot?’ Yes. You can see who connected to your WiFi hotspot and you can manage all your connected devices and you will be able to know connected device’s IP address, mac address. If you don’t want someone to connect to your hotspot, you can block them too. It’s that simple.

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Steps to download My WiFi Router

Step 1: Click here to go to the download page.

Step 2: There, you can find the ‘Download’ button. Click on download.

Step 3: Your software gets downloaded into your PC. Open the download location and install it.

Step 4: After installing the software, you can customize your WiFi hotspot with your custom name like your name or your organization name or whatever you wish to. And set a password too. If someone wants to connect with your hotspot, they need to enter this password.

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So, that’s it. Your free WiFi hotspot successfully configured. Now you can connect your WiFi devices with your WiFi hotspot with a single click. See the screen shot below.

Turn your PC into a free wifi hotspot


Note: If you want to use it on your desktop computer, then you need to have a network adapter. Network adapters available for 200 Rs also that’s not a big deal. Please make a note.

So, that’s it guys. This is how you can turn your PC into a free WiFi hotspot with a freeware. Enjoy connecting your mobile phones, iPads and all the wireless devices with a single click. By the way, let me know which software you are using to turn your PC into a free WiFi hotspot if you are already using one through comments section.

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